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Hydraulic equipment
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DTA Hydraulics your one-stop-shop

DTA has what you need when you need it! Any hydraulic part, anytime, anywhere...

M5ASF Heavy duty vane motor for fan drive application

Hydraulic components and spare parts

Your one stop-shop supplies any hydraulic part, anytime, anywhere!

Hydraulic equipment

DTA Hydraulics is a brand-independent locator and supplier of hydraulic equipment, such as pumps, and other (spare) engineering parts to companies in the marine, dredging and offshore industries. In addition, we serve many clients in various industrial and mobile applications. We supply genuine spare parts for hydraulic pumps and components of high-quality hydraulic equipment manufacturers such as Parker Hannifin with several renowned brands like Denison Hydraulics, Olaer, Calzoni, VOAC (Volvo Hydraulic)



Pumps | Motors | Valves | Hydraulic Filtration 
Tell us your hydraulic application and we supply what you need when you need it!

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Pump

We supply hydraulic pumps with fixed or variable displacement volumes, suited for closed or open loop hydraulic circuits at high or low system pressures.

Type of Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Motor

Hydraulic Motor

We supply both low and high speed hydraulic motors. Consider our hydraulic motors (i.e. gear, piston or vane) of all types and possible design configurations.

Type of Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic Valve

Our supplies range from simple check valves to servo control valves. We also supply seal kits, sub-plates, manifolds, valve solenoids and control electronics.

Type of Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic Filtration | Filter Elements and Filter Housings

Hydraulic Filtration

It is important to change hydraulic filter elements regularly. We supply hydraulic filters, replacement filter elements and bypass filtration systems.

Type of Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic Accumulators

Hydraulic Accumulator

DTA | Hydraulics supplies diaphragm accumulators for small fluid storage capacities and bladder- or piston-type accumulators for larger hydraulic fluid storage capacities.

Type of Hydraulic Accumulators


Hydraulic Cylinder

The hydraulic cylinders we supply are of mill type or tie rod design. We also supply servo cylinder systems, spare parts (i.e. seal kits) and custom-engineered cylinders.

Type of Hydraulic Cylinders

A reliable partner in hydraulic equipment, spare parts for pumps, and repairs

DTA has been serving your industry with the supply of hydraulic parts, components and as a  Parker distributor hydraulics for more than 30 years. In 2010 we were fully qualified and certified as a distributor of hydraulics by Parker Hannifin. Together we developed a rapid delivery program for the genuine Denison Hydraulics Vane Technology. This includes single and multiple vane pumps. We support industrial and mobile applications and hold a considerable inventory of genuine parts, components, and sub-assemblies.

Various supplies and genuine spare parts for hydraulic pumps are in stock

Currently, we can supply over 20,000 hydraulic pump configurations from our stock of hydraulic equipment. All the hydraulic parts and components we supply are new and genuinely manufactured by the high-quality hydraulic manufacturer of your choosing. DTA can be your one-stop-shop and supplies high-quality brands only such as Parker Hannifin (Denison Hydraulics, Olaer, Calzoni, VOAC, Sterling Hydraulics), Bosch Rexroth (Brüninghaus, Eppensteiner, Hägglunds, Hydromatik, Oil-Control), Bucher Hydraulics, Moog, STAR Hydraulics, Hydac and Eaton (Char-Lynn, Eaton Hydraulics, Integrated Hydraulics, Vickers).

Find all the equipment you need

Do you want to know which hydraulic equipment or spare parts we have in stock for your hydraulic pumps? You can contact our team for more information. We will gladly walk you through the many configurable options and help you decide which one of our products best fits your hydraulic application.