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Hydraulic valve and supplies
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Different types of hydraulic valves

We supply the hydraulic valve you need for your hydraulic application.

Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic valve and supplies

A hydraulic valve properly directs the flow of a liquid medium, usually oil, through your hydraulic system. The direction of the oil flow is determined by the position of a spool. A hydraulic system can only function - as per requirements - by using valves. Thus, you should always look for the correct type of hydraulic valve to serve your intended purpose. The required size is determined by the maximum flow of the hydraulic system through the valve and the maximum system pressure. You can find any hydraulic valve and the additional supplies you need at DTA in the Netherlands.


A hydraulic valve that properly directs the flow of a liquid medium

Hydraulic valves are supplies that are available in a variety of sizes and according to multiple International Standards. Our Parker distributor hydraulics will gladly tell you more about these standards. Hydraulic valves are available with many different mounting styles, such as mounting in pipelines, with threaded connection as cartridge valves, subplate mounting or flanged mounting. Hydraulic valves are subdivided into three main categories: directional control valves, pressure control valves and flow control valves. All valves operate a different function in the hydraulic system.

Use hydraulic valves to switch pressure or adjust the direction and flow of fluid

Different valves function in different ways in your hydraulic system. Check valves permit free flow in one direction and block flow in the opposite direction. The directional control valve is used to pass on the pressure medium in an orderly fashion to a particular direction. Pressure control valves switch (or control) at a certain pressure; the switching pressure may be adjusted on the valve. Flow control valves regulate the flow this is done by adjusting the size of the bores (orifices). 

Hydraulic valves | Directional control valve

directional control

Directional control valves can control the start, stop and change in the flow direction of a pressure medium (i.e. hydraulic oil). Hydraulic valves such as poppet or spool valves.

Hydraulic valve
directional controls

Hydraulic valves | Pressure control valve

pressure control

Every pressure control valve switches at a predetermined pressure setting. This occurs either gradually with variable throttle (control) or suddenly with a fixed throttle (switch).

hydraulic valve
pressure controls

Hydraulic valves | Proportional control valve

proportional control

Proportional hydraulic valves are able to control the opening to flow proportionally instead of gradually, as is the case for most standard hydraulic valves.

proportional controls
hydraulic valve types

Hydraulic valves | Flow control valve

flow control

Flow control valves manage the flow by decreasing or increasing the opening at the throttling point. This helps to determine speed of movement for the hydraulic actuators.

flow controls
hydraulic valve types

Ask our team for professional advice

As there are many different types of the hydraulic valve, the supplies you need depend on your applications. Contact our team to receive professional advice based on your situation and applications before you order one of our valves.