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Hydraulic filtration 
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Different types of hydraulic filtration

We supply the hydraulic filter you need for your hydraulic application.

Hydraulic Filtration | Filter Elements and Filter Housings

What are hydraulic filters and why you need them

Hydraulic filters are supplies that protect your hydraulic system components from damage due to contamination of oils or other hydraulic fluid in use caused by particles. Every minute, approximately one million particles larger than 1 micron (0.001 mm or 1 μm) enter a hydraulic system. These particles can cause damage to hydraulic system components because hydraulic oil is easily contaminated. Thus, maintaining a good hydraulic filtration system with the right supplies by DTA will increase the lifetime of a hydraulic component. 


Hydraulic filters and supplies prevent particles from entering your system

The wear of hydraulic system components and hydraulic equipment is dependent on contamination, and the existence of metal parts in hydraulic system oil (iron and copper are particularly powerful catalysts) accelerates its degradation. Hydraulic filters help to remove these particles and clean the oil in your supplies on a continuous basis. The performance for all hydraulic filtration supplies is measured by its contamination removal efficiency, such as high dirt-holding capacities.

A hydraulic filtration system includes hydraulic filters to remove dirt and particles on a continuous basis

Hydraulic filters and other hydraulic filtration supplies from our company for hydraulics help to remove these particles and clean the oil on a continuous basis. Almost every hydraulic system contains more than one hydraulic filter. The hydraulic filters between pump and actuators are referred to as pressure filters and the hydraulic filters between the actuators and tanks are low pressure or return line filters. 

Hydraulic filtration | Low pressure filters

Low pressure filters

Low pressure filters operate at pressures of 10 bar or less. Suction filters are used for coarse filtration and return line filters or bypass filtration for fine filtration.

Type of low pressure filters

Hydraulic Filtration | Filter Elements and Filter Housings

Heavy duty filtration

Heavy duty filtration for demanding hydraulic applications under tough conditions in continuous operation. It's flow rate is high at low to medium hydraulic system pressure.

Type of heavy duty filtration

Hydraulic filtration | Standard pressure filters

Standard pressure filters

Pressure line or standard hydraulic pressure filters are commonly used in a hydraulic system. It protects your hydraulic components against wear and tear.

Type of standard pressure filters

Hydraulic filtration | Contamination control

Contamination control

Contamination control is a very important element of a hydraulic filtration system. Changing filter elements on a regular basis prevents clogging and improves oil quality.

Type of contamination control

Hydraulic filtration | Parfit replacement filter elements

Par Fit replacement elements

With Par Fit you enjoy the benefits of a one-stop-shop solution for all your hydraulic filter elements of high quality at competitive prices and immediate availability.

Type of Par Fit replacement elements

Filter elements metal wire mash

Reservoir equipment

Reservoir equipment includes components to prevent contamination as well as components to measure tank fluid level, temperature and pressure of the oil.

Type of reservoir equipment

Order your hydraulic filtration supplies with us

Whether you are looking for hydraulic filters or other supplies such as a pressure relief valve for your system, DTA has got you covered. In our assortment, you can find many market-leading brands of which we sell hydraulic filtration supplies, as well as spare parts. Are you looking for some advice before you order a part? Contact our team for expert advice.