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Heavy duty 
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Different types of hydraulic filters

We supply heavy duty hydraulic filters from stock. What you need, when you need it!

Hydraulic Filtration | Filter Elements and Filter Housings

What is heavy duty filtration and for which hydraulic applications do you need it?

Heavy duty filtration comprises hydraulic filters and filtration systems for demanding applications in various industrial, mobile and offshore applications. Hydraulic equipment that is operating under tough conditions during continuous 24 hour operation in heavy duty applications. We supply low to medium pressure heavy duty hydraulic filters with nominal flow rates of up to 2000 l/min. Use duplex filters to change elements without interrupting continuous operations.

High flow at low to medium pressure with heavy duty filters for hydraulic and lubrication systems.

With housings of cast iron, aluminum and welded steel, heavy duty hydraulic filters are a durable solution that you can rely on during 24/7 hydraulic operations. Heavy duty filtration also includes filters for lube oil systems of gear boxes and filters for fuel systems of diesel engines and gas turbines. Industrial hydraulic applications include steel and aluminum mills, paper production, metal cutting equipment and industrial power packs.


DTA supplies hydraulic filters from stock

We supply any hydraulic filter that you need    when you need it!

M5ASF Heavy duty vane motor for fan drive application

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Order, technical support or advice for your hydraulic filter

DTA offers the tools required for troubleshooting and addressing any hydraulic system's cleanliness or performance demands. DTA can also supply the indicators that monitor a system's contamination level. Contamination indicators ensure that our customers can maintain the cleanliness of their hydraulic systems. Contact our sales engineers for further assistance.

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