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Hydraulic motors 
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Different types of hydraulic motors

We supply the hydraulic motor you need for your hydraulic application.

Hydraulic Motor

What is a hydraulic motor?

The design of a hydraulic motor and a hydraulic pump are very similar. For this reason, some hydraulic pumps with fixed displacement volumes can also be supplied as hydraulic motors. A hydraulic motor works the other way round as it converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, resulting in a rotating shaft. It uses hydraulic pressure and flow to generate the required torque and rotation. The power produced by a hydraulic motor is determined by the flow and pressure drop of the motor.


Some pumps can be used as hydraulic motor

You can use hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps as supplies for many applications, such as winches, crane drives, self-driven cranes, excavators, mixer and agitator drives, roll mills, and much more. The hydraulic motor must be geared to hydraulic system requirements; issues such as load, range of load, speed, and serviceability must be taken into account. There are different types of hydraulic motors, such as hydraulic gear motors, piston motors and hydraulic vane motors.

Flow and pressure equal power of the motor whereas displacement and pressure drop determine torque

The power produced by a hydraulic motor is determined by the flow and pressure drop of the motor supplies. The displacement and pressure drop of the motor determines the torque it generates. The power output is thus directly proportional to the speed. The hydraulic motors range from high-speed motors of up to 10,000 rpm to low-speed hydraulic motors with a minimum of 0.5 rpm. Low speed hydraulic motors generate large torques at low speeds. You can find both at our Parker distributor hydraulics company.

Hydraulic motors | Gear hydraulic motor

Gear Motors

Hydraulic gear motors are often used in mobile hydraulics and in agricultural machinery. As well as applications that require high output speed of the hydraulic motor.

Type of Gear Motors

Hydraulic motors | Piston motor

Piston Motors

Piston motors are hydraulic motors with a high speed and displacement range that operate under high efficiency at maximum pressure of up to 450 bar.

Type of Piston Motors

Hydraulic motors | Vane motor

Vane motors

Vane motors are used in hydraulic applications for industrial and mobile equipment. We supply Denison Hydraulics vane motors and spare parts from stock.

Type of vane motors

Hydraulic motors | Part-turn actuator

Part-turn actuators

Part-turn hydraulic actuators are mainly used for bunker slides, opening butterfly valves, and for push, pull, lift and mix operations in hydraulic applications.

Hydraulic actuator types

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