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Different types of hydraulic motors

We supply part-turn hydraulic actuators for your hydraulic application.

Hydraulic motors | Part-turn actuator

What is a part-turn actuator and for which hydraulic application do you need it?

A Part-turn actuator is a type of actuator, also known as a rotary actuator, that can only rotate left or right over an angle of maximum 300°. These hydraulic actuators operate at working pressures around 70 bar. Part-turn actuators are much smaller than cylinders and do not have any external moving parts. Part-turn actuators are mainly used for bunker slides, opening butterfly valves, and for push, pull, lift and mix operations.

Rotary actuators are a type of hydraulic actuators that rotate left or right over an angle of 300° or less.

Part-turn actuators are very simple in design. There are two versions: one has two wings on the axle, and the other one has two internal dividers. This construction brings the swivel bracket back to around 120° and doubles the torque. The first version is prone to a low, continuous leakage rate along the wing. This means that, during operation, the rotary actuator must be under constant pressure in order to perform properly.


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M5ASF Heavy duty vane motor for fan drive application

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