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Different types of hydraulic motors

We supply vane hydraulic motors for heavy duty hydraulic applications.

Hydraulic motors | Vane motor

What are vane motors?

Hydraulic vane motors are used in both industrial applications, such as screw-drive and injection molding, and mobile applications, such as agricultural machinery. Hydraulic vane motors have less internal leakage than gear motors and are therefore better suited for lower speeds: about 100 rpm minimum. The maximum operating pressure of hydraulic vane motors normally ranges from 140 bar to 210 bar, and they are used in both hydraulics and pneumatics.

Vane motors provide a constant flow at low noise levels

In order to operate correctly, the vanes of the rotor have to be pressed against the inside of the motor housing. This is generally taken care of with spiral or leaf springs, but rods can be used as well. This precaution prevents issues with stationary motors, such as the vanes sinking into the grooves and causing the oil to flow over it instead against it. Most often, the rotor is hollow, thus enabling it to be easily mounted on a spline shaft. At our Parker distributor hydraulics company, you can find various kinds of vane motors. 

As your trusted supplier of vane motors, we only deliver you equipment of the best brands on the market. Contact our team today to let us help you choose the motor that fits your systems and applications best. Do you also need pumps for your system? Order your vane pumps with us as well for a complete package. 


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M5ASF Heavy duty vane motor for fan drive application

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Hydraulic motors are manufactured depending on different functional and hydraulic system requirements, such as operating medium, required range of pressure, type of drive, etc. Our sales engineers will assist you in selecting the most appropriate hydraulic motor for your application. Contact DTA for your hydraulic motor needs today!

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