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Different types of hydraulic filtration

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Hydraulic filtration | Contamination control

What is condition monitoring and for which hydraulic applications do you need it?

The grade of filtration determines the level of contamination in a filter element to a large extend. A filter with a grade of filtration of 1 micron is more vulnerable to clogging than a filter element with a filtration grade of 10 microns. That is because the dirt holding capacity of the 1 micron hydraulic filter is much bigger, it simply accumulates more particles that would pass the wire mesh or paper filter media of a 10 micron hydraulic filter.

Change your hydraulic filter elements on a regular basis to prevent clogging and energy loss.

Under normal conditions, the fluid enters the inlet of the filter, passes through the filter element, and leaves the hydraulic filter through the outlet. As the fluid passes through the filter element, impurities are deposited on the outside of the element. As the deposits accumulate, they cause a differential pressure to build up between the inlet and outlet of the filter. Thus the pressure drop from inlet to outlet port of the hydraulic filter increase, i.e. waste of energy!


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DTA offers the tools required for troubleshooting and addressing any hydraulic system's cleanliness or performance demands. DTA can also supply the indicators that monitor a system's contamination level. Contamination indicators ensure that our customers can maintain the cleanliness of their hydraulic systems. Contact our sales engineers for further assistance.

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