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reservoir equipment 
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Different types of hydraulic filters

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What is reservoir equipment in hydraulic filtration and for which applications do you need it?

Reservoir equipment for a hydraulic system consists of several components. First of all on top of the reservoir an air filter or breather is required to manage air compression and expansion due to increasing or decreasing fluid levels in the tank with hydraulic oil. The function of a breather is to filter the air flowing in and out of the tank. Proper use of breathers prevents ambient contamination to enter the reservoir and greatly reduces degradation of the hydraulic fluid in use.

Reservoir equipment to prevent ambient contamination and to measure fluid level, pressure and temp.

Other reservoir equipment includes gauges to measure the temperature of the oil or fluid level in the reservoir with the hydraulic fluid. A wide range of visual and electronic measuring devices are available. Also pressure gauges are in stock for immediate availability. Inside the reservoir pump connection elements and suction strainers are required for most of the hydraulic systems. Return line filters mounted on the hydraulic tank or reservoir are also available.


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DTA offers the tools required for troubleshooting and addressing any hydraulic system's cleanliness or performance demands. DTA can also supply the indicators that monitor a system's contamination level. Contamination indicators ensure that our customers can maintain the cleanliness of their hydraulic systems. Contact our sales engineers for further assistance.

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