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Argo Hytos 
replacement elements 
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Different types of Par<>Fit filters

In stock are Argo Hytos replacement filter elements. What you need, when you need it!

Hydraulic filtration | Parfit replacement filter elements

What is a replacement to Argo Hytos filter elements? Look no further, Parker Par<>Fit available from stock.

With Parker Par Fit filter elements we provide the one-stop-shop for all your hydraulic filter element requirements. It is perfectly suited for the MRO market as Parker ParFit interchange elements are available immediately, at competitive prices and equivalent or better quality of the original manufacturer's hydraulic filter element. Hydraulic filter elements and cartridges for DIN sizes and interchange to well established brands such as Pall, Hydac, Internormen and MP Filtri.

Filter OEM Filter element type no. Parfit
Argo Hytos Replaces P2.0620-51 PR4474
Argo Hytos Replaces P2.0923-01 PR4473
Argo Hytos Replaces P2.0933-01 PR4461
Argo Hytos Replaces P2.1217-12 PR4465
Argo Hytos Replaces P2.1217-21 PR4466
Argo Hytos Replaces V2.1217-03 938194Q
Argo Hytos Replaces V2.1217-08 PR4467
Argo Hytos Replaces V2.1217-36 PR4468
Filter OEM Filter element type no. Parfit 
Argo Hytos Replaces P3.0510-00 PR4469
Argo Hytos Replaces P3.0510-02 PR4475
Argo Hytos Replaces P3.0920-11 PR4464
Argo Hytos Replaces V3.0510-03 944074Q
Argo Hytos Replaces V3.0510-06 944075Q
Argo Hytos Replaces V3.0510-08 944076Q
Argo Hytos Replaces V3.0520-08 PR4476
Argo Hytos Replaces V3.0607-06 PR4471
Argo Hytos Replaces V3.0607-08 PR4472
Argo Hytos Replaces V3.0723-08 944097Q
Argo Hytos Replaces V3.0933-08 944098Q
Parker Parfit replacement filter elements in bold with immediate ex-Works Europe availability

In total the Par Fit hydraulic filtration elements cover over 50,000 standard variations of various original equipment specifications. For every mobile, construction, agricultural or industrial application there's a ParFit hydraulic filter element that fits most of the commonly used sizes and makes. Every Par Fit Element is manufactured to the highest applicable standards either in Europe or the United States of America.

Type of Par Fit Replacement Elements

How DTA can help save you time, effort and money on hydraulic filtration solutions

DTA offers the tools required for troubleshooting and addressing the cleanliness or performance demands of any hydraulic system. DTA can also supply the indicators that monitor a system's contamination level. Contamination indicators ensure that our customers can maintain the cleanliness of their hydraulic systems. Contact our sales engineers for further assistance.

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How DTA can help you save time, effort and money

DTA has extensive expertise with hydraulic valves and carries a substantial inventory of valves in different sizes and spool configurations. Depending on your requirements, DTA can supply high-quality hydraulic valves, taking into account a wide variety of functional and hydraulic system requirements.


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DTA is serving your industry with the supply of hydraulic parts and hydraulic components for more than 25 years. Since 2010 we have been fully qualified and certified as distributor hydraulics by Parker Hannifin. Together we developed a rapid delivery program for the genuine Denison Hydraulics single and multiple vane pumps. We support industrial and mobile applications and hold a considerable inventory of genuine parts, components and sub-assemblies.

Vane pumps and genuine spare parts in stock; over 25,000 configurations listed in our online pump catalogue!

Currently we can supply over 20,000 pump configurations from stock. All the hydraulic parts and components that we supply are new and genuinely manufactured by the high quality hydraulic manufacturer of your choosing. DTA can be your one-stop-shop and supplies high-quality brands only such as Parker Hannifin (Denison Hydraulics, Olaer, Calzoni, VOAC, Sterling Hydraulics), Bosch Rexroth (Brüninghaus, Eppensteiner, Hägglunds, Hydromatik, Oil-Control), Bucher Hydraulics, Moog, STAR Hydraulics, Hydac and Eaton (Char-Lynn, Eaton Hydraulics, Integrated Hydraulics, Vickers).

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