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Pressure controls 
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Different types of pressure valves

We supply sequence and unloading valves from stock. What you need, when you need it!

Hydraulic valves | Pressure control valve

What are sequence and unloading valves, and for which hydraulic application do you need one?

A change in position of the pressure control valve (i.e. open or closed) occurs either gradually (by control) or suddenly (by switch). Pressure valves with a switching task are referred to as pressure valves with fixed throttle: sequence valves and unloading valves.

Sequence valves are used to direct the flow to a secondary circuit. When the primary hydraulic circuit reaches a preset pressure, flow is permitted to the secondary circuit. Unloading valves are remotely-piloted pressure shut-off valves that direct flow to the tank when the preset pressure in a particular location of the hydraulic circuit has been reached.


DTA supplies hydraulic valves from stock

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M5ASF Heavy duty vane motor for fan drive application

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A hydraulic system can only function - as per requirements - by using valves. Thus, you should always look for the correct type of hydraulic valve to serve your intended purpose. Get advice and suggestions from DTA in order to select the appropriate hydraulic valve, in terms of size and function, that suits your application and your budget.

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How DTA can help save you time, effort and money on sourcing hydraulic valves appropriate for you.

DTA has extensive expertise with hydraulic valves and carries a substantial inventory of hydraulic valves in different sizes, valve spool configurations and solenoid voltages. We only supply high-quality hydraulic valves, considering a wide variety of functional and hydraulic system requirements. Contact a Sales Engineer now!

Industrial hydraulic valves according to International Standards available from stock when you need them!

Hydraulic valves are available from several major vendors; our preferred hydraulic valve suppliers are Parker Hannifin and Denison Hydraulics. Additionally, we supply hydraulic valve parts and accessories such as sub-plates, seal kits, O-rings, solenoids and hydraulic valve control electronics.