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Different types of hydraulic valves

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Hydraulic valves | Proportional control valve

What is a proportional hydraulic valve and for which hydraulic applications do you need one?

Proportional hydraulic valves are able to control the opening to flow proportionally instead of gradually, as is the case for most standard hydraulic valves. The simplest type of proportional hydraulic valve is a variable throttle controlled by a manual lever. When your hydraulic application requires a very accurate control of the flow, hydraulic valves may be equipped with advanced control electronics with integrated measuring and feedback devices.

Proportional control valves are hydraulic valves that give you very accurate control of flow and pressure.

Proportional and servo hydraulic valves are usually classified as high-performance valves. This distinction gives an expected indication of performance, which tends to generalise the true differences between various types of servo and proportional hydraulic valves. Each type has its own unique performance characteristics either in controlling pressure or controlling flow. These hydraulic valves may be used to perform a directional control, pressure control or flow control function.


DTA supplies hydraulic valves from stock

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