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hydraulic cylinder 
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Different types of hydraulic cylinders

We supply custom hydraulic cylinder systems. What you need, when you need it!

Hydraulic cylinders | Custom hydraulic cylinder system

What is a custom hydraulic cylinder and for which system applications do you need it?

For end-users of heavy duty hydraulic equipment in industrial and mobile applications we can provide for repairs of existing custom hydraulic cylinders or design and production of new cylinders. We have assisted many clients with replacing old or obsolete hydraulic cylinders by custom build new cylinders according to the original manufacturer's specifications and even better. On several projects we supplied the hydraulic power unit and valve block as well.

Old or obsolete hydraulic cylinder? Send your quotation request now and get a reply within 24 hour!

Servo cylinder systems for dynamic applications comprise not only of a custom hydraulic cylinder, but include the hydraulic servo or proportional valves and the electric control unit as well. We supply compact cylinders and hydraulic cylinders of special lightweight composite materials. Also submersible hydraulic cylinders can be supplied. Telescopic cylinders for hydraulic lifting, or where large amplitudes are needed but limited space is available, e.g. tipper trucks.

Type of Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

How DTA can help save you time, effort and money on sourcing hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinders are available in many different sizes and design configurations. Next to standard cylinders we also supply custom cylinders for special use, e.g. under water or with special coating. Get advice and suggestions from DTA in order to select the appropriate hydraulic cylinder for your application that suits your budget. Contact DTA today!

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DTA is serving your industry with the supply of hydraulic parts and hydraulic components for more than 25 years. Since 2010 we have been fully qualified and certified as distributor hydraulics by Parker Hannifin. Together we developed a rapid delivery program for the genuine Denison Hydraulics single and multiple vane pumps. We support industrial and mobile applications and hold a considerable inventory of genuine parts, components and sub-assemblies.

Vane pumps and genuine spare parts in stock; over 25,000 configurations listed in our online pump catalogue!

Currently we can supply over 20,000 pump configurations from stock. All the hydraulic parts and components that we supply are new and genuinely manufactured by the high quality hydraulic manufacturer of your choosing. DTA can be your one-stop-shop and supplies high-quality brands only such as Parker Hannifin (Denison Hydraulics, Olaer, Calzoni, VOAC, Sterling Hydraulics), Bosch Rexroth (Brüninghaus, Eppensteiner, Hägglunds, Hydromatik, Oil-Control), Bucher Hydraulics, Moog, STAR Hydraulics, Hydac and Eaton (Char-Lynn, Eaton Hydraulics, Integrated Hydraulics, Vickers).