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Screw spindle 
hydraulic pumps 
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Different types of gear pumps

We supply screw spindle hydraulic pumps from stock. What you need, when you need it!


What is a screw spindle pump and why do you need it?

Like internal gear pumps, screw pumps have an extremely low operating noise level. They are therefore used in hydraulic systems in such places as theatres and opera houses.

The displacement volume of the screw spindle pump is the largest of all gear pumps. Screw pumps contain 2 or 3 worm gears within the housing and are therefore also referred to as worm gear pumps.

The worm gear that is connected to the drive has a clockwise thread. Rotary movement is transmitted to further worm gears, which have counter-clockwise threads. The displacement chamber is formed between the threads and the housing of the screw pump.

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How DTA Hydraulics can help with your

Order, technical support or advice for your screw spindle pump

Hydraulic pumps are manufactured depending on different functional and hydraulic system requirements, such as operating medium, required range of pressure, type of drive, etc. Our sales engineers will assist you in selecting the most appropriate hydraulic pump for your application. Contact DTA for your hydraulic pump needs today!

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How DTA can help save you time, effort and money on sourcing hydraulic pumps

Selecting the appropriate hydraulic pump for your application is always a challenge because of different available ranges and capabilities. DTA can help you select the correct pump within a reasonable price range and within your budget.

As the primary source of power, hydraulic pumps are the most critical component of your hydraulic system

DTA has extensive expertise in hydraulic pump technology and carries a substantial inventory of hydraulic pumps from several different vendors. Depending on your requirements, DTA can supply high-quality hydraulic pumps, taking a wide variety of functional and hydraulic system requirements into account.