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Axial piston 
variable displacement 
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Different types of piston pumps

Variable displacement axial piston pumps for optimum usage of hydraulic system energy.

Hydraulic Pumps

What is an axial piston pump and why do you need it?

In closed loop circuits, the return line (i.e. the suction line of the pump) is under pressure. This must be incorporated in the design of axial piston units used in closed loop systems. It is also imperative to have a variable displacement volume hydraulic pump in operation in these systems.

When you use a pilot-operated, electro-hydraulic controlled pressure or flow regulator, the outflow of the pump depends on system pressure, flow or a combination of both (i.e. power control). If the hydraulic system pressure reaches above a predetermined pressure setting, the flow of the pump returns to zero and the system pressure is maintained constant.

By doing so, the power lost in the system is low and the energy consumption of the drive system is minimal at maximum pressure. Note that a combination of flow and pressure regulation permits designing very economic drives (e.g. load sensing).

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How DTA can help save you time, effort and money on sourcing hydraulic pumps

Selecting the appropriate hydraulic pump for your application is always a challenge because of different available ranges and capabilities. DTA can help you select the correct pump within a reasonable price range and within your budget.

As the primary source of power, hydraulic pumps are the most critical component of your hydraulic system

DTA has extensive expertise in hydraulic pump technology and carries a substantial inventory of hydraulic pumps from several different vendors. Depending on your requirements, DTA can supply high-quality hydraulic pumps, taking a wide variety of functional and hydraulic system requirements into account.