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Vane variable 
hydraulic pumps 
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Different types of vane pumps

Variable displacement vane pumps with single chamber design and various control options.

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What is a single chamber vane pump and why do you need it?

In a single chamber vane pump, the stroke movement of the vanes is limited by a ring with a circular internal track. The position of this so-called stroke ring is off-centre with respect to the rotor, resulting in change of volume in the displacement chambers. The displacement chambers are created by the rotor, two vanes, the internal surface of the ring and the control discs on one side.

In a single chamber vane pump, the system pressure is only on one side of the rotor. This causes a significant load on the bearings. To reduce this load, the forces acting on the rotor must be in balance. This is the reason why double chamber vane pumps were designed, as mentioned below.

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As the primary source of power, hydraulic pumps are the most critical component of your hydraulic system

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