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Damen Technical Agencies B.V.

Damen Technical Agencies, B.V., or DTA, is a highly-specialised engineering sales company with core competence in hydraulic parts, equipment and machinery. DTA also provides value-added services such as repairs of hydraulic parts, consultancy, and turnkey engineering solutions for hydraulic systems.

Get the TOTAL aftermarket support solution you need for your hydraulic equipment.

DTA is a supplier of hydraulic and other engineering parts such as hydraulic pumps, valves, cylinders, filters and accumulators. We are a reliable partner for all hydraulic supplies and repairs. Use our service to meet your technical, business and operational requirements.

Use our online e-configurator for genuine Denison Hydraulics Vane Technology

At website vanepump.eu you can easily configure the single, double, or triple vane pump you need!

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We Can Help You Save Time, Effort and Money

Hydraulic Parts Supply   Engineering Solutions
Benefit from our connections to global distribution channels and stocking points to find the parts you need as quickly as possible. Save considerable time, effort and money by getting the aftermarket support solution you need.    Based on customer requirements, we provide turnkey engineering solutions for hydraulic power units. To date, DTA has engineered and build over 50 customer-specific power units with a capacity of up to 130 kW.
Hydraulic Parts Repair   Consultancy Services
Reduce your lead times and repair turnaround times of key components of your hydraulic system (e.g. hydraulic pumps) by utilising DTA's access to a worldwide network of certified and high-quality workshops.   Our consultants can make detailed assessments of the expected spare parts needed for the hydraulic system that is in operation. DTA can also provide mechanics on-site to assist with hydraulic problems.