External gear motors
Different types of hydraulic motors

What is an external gear motor and why do you need it?

Gear motors and axial piston motors are high speed motors. If your operation requires a lower speed, you can reduce the output speed of the shaft by using gears. The operating pressure of gear motors is usually quite low: between 100 and 150 bar. Modern gear motors, however, are capable of operating at continuous pressures of up to 250 bar.

A major drawback of gear motors is that they produce a large amount of noise. Gear motors with only one direction of rotation are designed exactly the same as external gear pumps. A gear motor that can change directions of rotation has a drain case port and the axial pressure fields are different. The efficiency of gear motors is relatively low due to oil leakage.

Type of Gear Motors

How DTA can help save you time, effort and money on sourcing hydraulic motors.

The hydraulic motor must be geared to hydraulic system requirements; issues such as load, speed, serviceability, range of load, etc. must be taken into account. Get advice and suggestions from DTA to select the appropriate hydraulic motor for your application that will suit your budget. Contact DTA today!

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How DTA can help save you time, effort and money on sourcing hydraulic motors.

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Hydraulic motor load, range of load, serviceability and speed must be geared to hydraulic system demands.

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